Stay Safe at Work

Workplace safety is as much of importance as road traffic safety. Every worker is under the risk of workplace hazard either working in offices, hotels or restaurant or factories, warehouses or power plants. Workplace accidents can cause mild to serious injuries like fractures, amputations, soft tissue damage, nerve damage, head injury, brain injury and fatal injury in severe. Every employer is responsible for ensuring its workers health and safety. Combine efforts of employers and employees can reduce the chances of workplace accidents. If an employer does not provide safety measures at the workplace, then every worker has a right to keep himself safe from any working hazard.

safety firstWorkplace Safety Tips

You can keep yourself safe at workplace by following these important tips.

  1. Train yourself before you start performing any task at the workplace. Pay full attention to any training provided by your employer. Properly learn everything related to your job and be careful performing your assigned work.
  2. If you have any question related to your working method then must consult your supervisor and seek his advice. Perform in front of him and ask for guidance.
  3. If you are assigned any dangerous or unsafe task then consult your supervisor to change the nature of the task or you can simply refuse to perform without safety assurance.
  4. Use proper personal protective equipment according to your working conditions and nature of work.
  5. If you identify any workplace hazard, then immediately inform it to your employer.
  6. Always stay alarmed at the workplace. Control your nerves and show quick reflexes in case of any emergency.
  7. Always follow the rules and regulations under your working premises.
  8. Keep a complete knowledge about workplace safety and operations. Follow the all health and safety rules and emergency procedures whenever needed.
  9. To avoid repetitive stress injury it is important to take regular breaks. Do not work continuously without taking a rest.
  10. It is important to sleep well before you start your work. It can be dangerous doing work if you are fatigued or feeling dizzy.
  11. Read all safety signs and precautions marks carefully and act accordingly.
  12. Be friendly with co-workers to avoid any possibility of workplace assaults.

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